What our clients say...


“I always look forward to a massage session with Mike Orchard at Bodylight Therapy in Glastonbury. He certainly has healing hands and knows how to tease out all the tight muscles and aching joints. There is a sense of calm and release afterwards that always puts a smile on my face.”

Laurence Hasson, organic seed potato merchant

“Lynne is pure magic. The kindness and attention she gives is second to none; Lynne touches your body in such love, deep experience, and prayer. After each massage I always feel a deep healing has occurred way beyond the massage. I highly recommend Lynne's work.”

Fiona Arrigo, founder of the Arrigo Life Transformation Programme

“I experienced total relaxation and stress melting away when I have had Aromatherapy Massage with Lynne and Hot Stone Massage with Michael at Bodylight Therapy in Glastonbury. In this modern busy age emotional regeneration and pampering is a must, I strongly recommend a session with Lynne or Michael.”

Dr Barbara Olioso, founder of Forest Secrets Skincare

"The level of care and kindness that I received from Michael and Lynne at Bodylight Therapy in Glastonbury was unprecedented, in my experience. And it certainly contributed to my back's old energetic patterns (which were definitely no longer serving my highest interests ~ and that's putting it mildly!) giving way and dissolving, thus leaving me freer and more flexible in movement than I had been in years."

Ishtar Dingir, shamanic healer and writer

"Lynne is a truly outstanding healer. Her treatments go well beyond the usual idea of massage: her listening skill during the preliminary 'checking in' conversation, her intuitive choice and suggestions of appropriate oils for the circumstances and then the precise application of her loving energy in restoring every part of the body to aliveness, re-assurance or physical comfort - all are real gifts. I would not miss my sessions with her for anything!"

Michou Godfrey, French teacher and plantswoman

"Michael has healing hands, a generous spirit and gives really great treatments - you will not find a better massage anywhere. Our very discerning guests agree. "

Felicity Wright, Chindit House Luxury B&B

"A massage with Lynne is a blissful combination of awesome practical experience and deep healing skills. Each treatment is a unique and beautifully held transformative experience."

Katie Phelan-Player, local school governor

"As soon as you enter Lynne’s massage room, all stresses seem to slip away, with her knowledge of muscles, tissues and bones I know that I am in good and expert hands. I always leave at least ˝ inch taller with my body relaxed and working well again."

Livvy Rose, 3 Geese radio presenter

"Lynne has an amazing ability to heal through allowing that deep stillness to come in. In her hands you will feel safe to surrender to the deepest parts of you that heal naturally – allowing amazing shifts to happen in all areas of your life. You come back to yourself"

Sacha Knop ~ soul coach and hypnotherapist at Soulwise

"I just wanted to thank you for being so amazing and supportive - I feel so much better since coming to see you and can’t wait for the next session."

Jan Grant

"I’ve never experienced so much permanent change through massage. Michael is a true healer."

Simon Fox, classical music recording producer

"Lynne and Michael have beautiful, loving, healing souls and their treatments reflect this. Michael intuitively and magically seems to be able to massage all my aches and pains away. I always leave their professional yet friendly environment feeling refreshed, nurtured and looking forward to my next visit. "

Liz May, musician, music teacher and author


"Just wanted to thank you Michael once again for the wonderful massage session with you last week. It was the experience of a genuine connection with someone through touch and breathing and simply being close to a person. You have amazingly healing hands and a very kind energy around you."

Nika from Moscow