What is bodywork?
The term ‘Bodywork’ encompasses a variety of therapies generally those which involve some form of hands on movement or manipulation of the soft tissues of the body i.e. muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia etc, in the form of some kind of massage and/or manipulation.

There is more muscle tissue in our bodies than any other kind of tissue, so treatments that focus on this system are of great value and importance. Within the soft tissues of the body we find blood and lymph vessels, and also motor and sensory nerves. These all respond to tensions and distortions in our muscles and joints. When the circulation or the nerve supply to a part of the body is compromised, further problems can develop.

The therapies we use here at Bodylight Therapy will help to create balance, ease, and improved function in the muscular system, the articulatory system, the circulatory systems, and the nervous system. By balancing these systems and encouraging ease and flow in the body, other major systems, such as the endocrine (hormone) system may also benefit.

The power of touch
Of all the five senses, touch is one of the first to develop, and when we are born, it is the natural instinct to give comfort and care through touch and holding. Even before we are born, our sense of security is created within the womb through the sense of being held within the warm fluids and security of the womb. Thus we are conditioned from our earliest memories to associate the sense of touch with being loved and cared for.

Sometimes, this association can be broken through some form of early or childhood trauma, but the power of touch when applied with care, sensitivity and respect can be deeply healing and nourishing for all human beings. Massage is unique in that it is one of the few therapies available to us, that uses the direct power of touch as a key to healing and wellness.

The holistic approach
At Bodylight Therapy, all the treatments offered by Michael and Lynne Orchard are based on the holistic philosophy of the interdependence of mind, body and spirit.

There has been much research in recent years into the links between the way we think and feel, and what happens in our bodies. In particular, predominant emotional states such as fear, pain, anxiety and stress can cause rigidity and holding patterns within the body’s soft tissues. Stress and tension can also cause problems in our gut, in our respiratory systems, our nervous systems and our hormone system.

In holistic bodywork, there is an inherent recognition of these factors and the therapist and the client can work together, here at Bodylight Therapy, using the massage or craniosacral therapy as a way, not only to release physical pain and tension, but to help shift old emotions and unresolved issues that may have been held in the body for some time.

The role of the therapist
Whatever form of therapy you choose, the role of the therapist is an integral part of the process. Many people may have done the same kind of training but it is the actual deep skill and experience of the complementary medicine practitioner that can make all the difference between a highly successful session/course of treatments and just a moderate one.

At Bodylight Therapy, we believe a high level of understanding of how the body functions, from a scientific, medical and rational viewpoint is essential for a professional bodyworker. Michael and Lynne have spent many years studying the systems of the body that they specialise in and through their training school, The Chalice Foundation, taught massage and aromatherapy to nurses and healthcare professionals.

We also believe that a highly developed sense of intuition, an ability to empathise with clients, and an open heart and mind are equally important in the skill mix. Michael and Lynne have followed spiritual, self-development and healing practices for over 30 years in order to develop insight, intuition and compassion. When the power of love and the power of knowledge combine in a therapist’s practice, the science of bodywork becomes an art form.

How we can help you
At Bodylight Therapy, the wide range of therapies offered by Michael and Lynne means that we can help a wide range of people for a wide range of conditions. We offer wonderful treatments just to relax and enjoy the pleasure of a great massage, but with our skill base we can also help you in dealing with a wide range of health and wellbeing issues.

The work can be on a straightforward physical basis, such as getting fit for sports, dealing with a sore back or a tight neck, or it may be more appropriate to work on more subtle levels using therapies such as ‘Hands of Light’ or craniosacral therapy.

Whatever your situation is, Michael and Lynne invite you to contact them by phone or email for a friendly communication to see which one of our therapies would be the most appropriate for your needs.

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